Owner/founder Linda Hensley maintains a warm and informal atmosphere that makes Encore consignment a meeting place for the discovery of women’s designer fashions for the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Linda has owned Encore since 1984, first with a partner and then on her own. Her dedication and passion have kept Encore alive and successful through technology changes and business cycles. With that same dedication and passion she is committed to keeping Encore at the top of designer consignment throughout Marin and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The thrill of luxury items has never waned for Linda. From an early age, she spent hours looking through Vogue and other magazines and learning about patterns and designer styles, choosing fabrics, buttons, and zippers. Linda was introduced to her love of fashion by her mother who was a skilled seamstress. All of her dressy dresses were originals, made by hand in silks, brocades, and chiffons in the most beautiful colors – lined, faced, double seamed and stitched, and custom fitted perfectly. Linda brings that intimate knowledge of fashion to appraise designer consignment items at their best value.

Let us help you find that very special item to fulfill your heart’s desire.